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As Endeavor continues its mission to improve economic development and entrepreneurial growth across the world, the company has announced a new office in Puerto Rico. The team at the new office is already prepared to begin scouting out early stage startups with a potential for growth.

Puerto Rico has faced its share of troubles in recent years, including multiple tragic hurricanes and widespread poverty. Endeavor aims to use the talent of entrepreneurs to help address these problems in a humane and lasting manner. The notion that precarious economic situations can give rise to brilliant entrepreneurship has been ingrained in Endeavor since the beginning. The organization was founded in Buenos Aires during a financial crisis and found that efforts to build new businesses had the very real potential to create gains in employment and economics.

And the time seems to be right for change in Puerto Rico. The territory already hosts a thriving startup community as well as new talent from local universities. In particular, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries have enjoyed significant growth in Puerto Rico.

The team at Endeavor is thrilled to establish their new office in Puerto Rico and bring new entrepreneurial talent into the fold as they do so. Endeavor Puerto Rico’s board of directors is chaired by Jose Stella. Mr. Stella is a veteran of the territory’s burgeoning startup space, and served as the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of QMC Telecom International Holdings. He is confident that Endeavor can provide promising entrepreneurs with the support and resources they need to build their successful businesses.

Also on the team is Erika Medina-Vecchini, who will be working as a liason between Puerto Rican entrepreneurs and outside investors, striving to bring new capital to the territory. Additionally, she will be working to bring tax incentives and programs to ventures on the island. Erika aims to position Puerto Rico as a new destination for interested investors to conduct their business, building on the success of Endeavor in other countries. As the organization’s network expands, every office and venture is bolstered, leading to more opportunities for collaboration around the world.

Endeavor is a nonprofit with two decades of experience of facilitating economic growth. Across dozens of markets and over a thousand companies, Endeavor’s success stories have propelled significant growth. The organization has its eye on entrepreneurs with a proven history of success that have the potential to excel in the market space.

Endeavor is excited to see the development of Endeavor Puerto Rico, and the continued fostering of new talent and startups.